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The Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Web Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the evolution of machines that act like human beings.

It has gained a huge reputation with the passage of time and machines are evolving continuously to meet the criteria of artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence in web development is a topic to discuss in the current era as developers are seeking a way to innovate the field of web development. Artificial Intelligence is, basically, a field of computer science which deals with the study of making the machines intelligent so that they can do what we do.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Web Development

Artificial Intelligence plays a crucial role in the field of web development as the experts are implementing AI while developing new sites. The role of this is still limited but it is effective. The use of artificial intelligence in web development has made it possible for us to search things quickly. The use of “voice search” is the best example in this regard. It has also made it possible to communicate with clients quickly as well by using “chatbot” on the websites. The e-commerce businesses are more dependent on artificial intelligence as it works to save both time and money. Artificial Intelligence is being used by the companies in the marketing purpose as well. A website sells the products on its own and it is the most intelligent thing as far as the current use of it is concerned. Here are some of the key benefits of artificial intelligence in web development: –

1.    Better user experience and quickness of the search

2.    Better marketing experience in reaching the targeted customers

3.    Better communication with the aid of chatbots

4.    Personalization of the sites

5.    Better interaction with the consumers

We have discussed the benefits we have got from the use of artificial intelligence in web development. Now, we move our discussion forward by looking at some of the drawbacks of the usage of Artificial Intelligence.

Drawbacks of Artificial Intelligence in Web Development

Artificial Intelligence is, no doubt, a beneficial technology for mankind but it does face some pressures as well. Some people criticize the excessive use of artificial intelligence as there is a clear threat of joblessness for humans in the near future. In the developed countries, the usage of Artificial Intelligence has become excessive and according to a survey, all kinds are jobs would be under a threat by 2030 as they would be replaced by the smart machines. Web developers are also included in the list of “jobless people” if artificial intelligence is going to be used in this field at such a pace. Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft, demanded taxation on the robots only due to the reason that they are taking place of employees.

The second thing is the privacy issues which are a real concern for the experts and artificial intelligence users. It also creates doubts in the mind of people in terms of the transparency of the business. The consumers want personalized deals with the companies as it is a more secure and private way of deals. So, transparency is the real drawback of using artificial intelligence in the development of websites and other such things.

The third point is the impersonal communication which is really not in favor of the consumers. There are a lot of such aspects which can never be resolved by machines. For example, a chatbot can never answer each and every question of the customers no matter how intelligent he is. So, the consumers are more bent towards the personal interaction with the businesses.


Artificial intelligence is one of the best technologies of the current time. It is enabling machines to think and respond to the actions. Web development is reaching new heights with the aid of artificial intelligence. It is quite beneficial for providing ease and unleashing a lot of burden and workload from our shoulders. There are some drawbacks of this technology which is why it is facing a lot of pressure. There is a mixed response from the experts in terms of the usage of artificial intelligence in the development firms. Is it really the future of all machines to become a robot?  

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