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Legacy Remodeling

Is it time for a remodel?

Taking legacy code and remodeling it into something updated

Long gone are the days of frustration when it comes to working with clunky old code.


What is a Legacy Remodel?

You can think of a Legacy Remodel much like renovating a house. The base and foundation are there but things are outdated and maybe even falling apart a little. With a remodel we take your code and “fix it” in a way that is modern without destroying the foundation that is already built.

How does this process work?

First of all we need to understand your project, after meeting and gaining a picture of this, it’s time to decide the most appropriate moves in order to start that fresh and motivating “renovation.”

What do you use to code?

This depends on what will be best for your company or application. Either way, this will be decided after discussions about the project and when we gain a full scope of requirements.

How long does it take?

This all depends on the legacy code, but like all other projects, time and speed is of the utmost importance to us.

What makes a Legacy Remodel a good choice?

Updates are important, as time passes and technology changes it’s important as a company to grow along side of that technology, this means taking a look at what you have and knowing that it’s okay to need to update/improve it along the way. 



When can we start?

Unless we are booked up with projects, right away! We’re always excited to see your code & your project. So, send us an email and let us know yours!