For a website and platform to work, it isn’t just about the content of the site.

Before a user even dives into what your business has to offer there’s something else that comes first, something else that jumps out and forms a first impression before the interaction even begins. This of course is color.

We are trained to notice color, have it leap out at us from a web page, so… If the user happens to stumble upon your site and the contrast is sharp, things don’t match and the scheme is outdated this could severely impact the users experience, jarring them and ultimately cause them to leave the site before they even know what exactly it is that you offer.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to dive into trending colors, showcasing imagery and palettes that are fresh, clean and more than anything if used correctly, will not drive a user or potential client from your site, so let’s dive in.

Refreshing Teal

, Fresh Color Palette Choices for your Website

Teal is a very calming color and not only does it channel the calmness of blue but also weaves in some qualities of green, those being clarity, renewal and rejuvenation. More than this it also strikes a modern tone with both the deep richness of the darker shades and the bright freshness of the lighter ones. With teal, you can pretty much never go wrong.

Deep Blues

, Fresh Color Palette Choices for your Website

When you’re working with a color palette that contains blues, it avoids anything that can be jarring or abrasive for the user when they are interacting with your platform. It’s easy to note this because there are a large amount of big scale companies that lean on blue to showcase their company.

Neutrals with a Splash of Green

, Fresh Color Palette Choices for your Website

Keeping with that same fresh tones, if you’re looking to breathe life into your business or platform, tones of green blended with neutral and soft grays can be a perfect way to achieve this look by tying in some sophistication all the while being formal to a certain extent.

City Lights

, Fresh Color Palette Choices for your Website

For the last color palette we’ve gone with something that steps away from safe and neutral and instead created a striking set of vivid colors that really catch the eye and make something stand out. Although this is a display of much more contrast with differing tones, it is sure to be a pleaser if you’re on the pursuit for something that will set you apart and stand out from other websites.

Well.. That’s it for our first color palette article. If you enjoyed this, be sure to let us know so we can keep you updated with the best colors to use for your company.

Until next time – Avaize