Web development is a five-dimensional field which helps the web developers to move with a flow while developing a new website.

In this article, I will discuss the five dimensions of web development in detail. Here are these five dimensions: –

  1. Width
  2. Height
  3. Time
  4. Software
  5. Hardware

A good web designer keeps these five dimensions in mind while developing a new website in order to handle the complex things in a simple way. I will put some light on each dimension with some details.

Width and Height

Websites are usually designed to a size that suits all browsers and it is a good technique to use and keep in mind when trying to design a website. Height and width of the website is the major consideration while designing the website. The mobile phone technology has urged developers to develop the websites with static columns and make them compressible with other devices where the sites would be open. The use of media also has huge influence as the developers has to design a layout which suits the media (Photos, videos) uploaded on it. So, width and height are important dimensions of web development.


Time is another dimension which plays a key role in web development. Content on a site keeps changing with the passage of time as the web owner has to change the data according to the requirement. A website must have the capacity for the new content. Mostly, you will see the vertical scrolling option on the website. A website must have infinite room for the vertical scrolling in order to make good room for the new content. Moreover, you have to leave spaces in all fields as you will add the content in appropriate places according to the nature of the content. A web developer must have to consider this dimension while developing a site.


Hardware is also an important dimension which must be considered by a web developer while developing a website. Hardware dimension includes following key elements which play a crucial role in web development: –

  • Pixel Densities
  • Font Sizes
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Scalability of Graphics
  • SVG
  • Icon Fonts

For making the sites compatible with the smartphone, there are some important considerations which are to kept in mind including: –

  • Touch Input
  • Touch Targets
  • Size of UI Elements

These are important considerations in terms of web developing related to the hardware dimension. A good web developer makes a great flow for these aspects of a website.


It is the responsibility of a web developer to keep the software dimension under consideration while developing a new site. The site must be compatible with the browsers in which it opens. Software dimension involves the proper association of HTML, CSS, and other languages in the website so that the site works with every browser. Progressive enhancement is another requirement of ensuring the software considerations of a website.

I am sure that this article will help you to know about the dimensions of the web development. It is important to get knowledge about websites before getting into this business.