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PSD (Photoshop Design) to HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) conversion is a popular phenomenon in web designing. A template which is designed in the Photoshop (in PSD Format) can be converted into HTML by using specific tools. Most of the clients ask for the complete design of the website on Adobe Photoshop from the web designers. Then, the web designers convert this design, which is created in PSD, to HTML. It is the responsibility of the web developer to convert the PSD file exactly to a web page by using coding via HTML.

Web typography is an important aspect and component of web designing.

The design of your website is the strength of your business as people love to see amazing and creative things. Your website must be a reflection of creativity and attractiveness. There are hundreds of fonts which you can use for your website. This blog, will talk about the 3 best fonts for web designing on the base of their features. Google Font is a great source which is quite open in nature for custom usage. You can get these fonts from there quite easily. Google Font is a valuable resource for getting the font for any website as it is the most legitimate, and accessible font provider. Let us move our discussion forward towards the best fonts for web designing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the evolution of machines that act like human beings.

It has gained a huge reputation with the passage of time and machines are evolving continuously to meet the criteria of artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence in web development is a topic to discuss in the current era as developers are seeking a way to innovate the field of web development. Artificial Intelligence is, basically, a field of computer science which deals with the study of making the machines intelligent so that they can do what we do.