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Step outside the realm of websites and explore the dimension of applications.

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What is Application Development?

Application development is the process of creating a program OR set of programs which tackle a specific task or business requirement. This can be found on both the web and mobile devices.

How does this process work?

There are a few things involved with application development, regardless of which platform you are aiming to release on. This includes gathering requirements, designing different prototypes, testing the application, implementation and lastly integration. 

What do you use to code?

This depends of where you want to host your application. If it’s on the web, we use the same technologies we would for interactive websites, to create the smooth flow. If it’s on a mobile device, we switch it up and focus on mobile driven coding languages. 

How long does it take?

This all depends on what exactly the application is and also, it’s scale and depth.

What makes a application?

Good user experience, a well flowing user interface, some great features and clean code. Without these things paired together you application will be lacking. It could be missing that angle of user friendliness that makes people keep coming back or it could be slow and clunky. That is why when these things are paired together, the end result can be magical.


I’m not sure whether to launch on the web or mobile?

This is a great question to have, and it really just depends on what your product is, so reach out to us! We can have a discussion and steer you on the right path with what would be the best option for you! Being an Android App Development Company Florida that also specializes in web applications, mobile and iOS, the choice really comes down to preference and the goals your company wants to achieve.


When can we start?

Unless we are booked up with projects, right away! We’re always excited to hear about fresh and new ideas! So, send us an email and let us know yours!