PSD (Photoshop Design) to HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) conversion is a popular phenomenon in web designing. A template which is designed in the Photoshop (in PSD Format) can be converted into HTML by using specific tools. Most of the clients ask for the complete design of the website on Adobe Photoshop from the web designers. Then, the web designers convert this design, which is created in PSD, to HTML. It is the responsibility of the web developer to convert the PSD file exactly to a web page by using coding via HTML.

Important Aspects of PSD to HTML Conversion

PSD to HTML conversion is becoming popular as it is quite effective way to create a web page of your own. You have to create the design on the Photoshop according to the requirements of your web page. Then, you have to divide the template you created for your web page in different sections on the Adobe Photoshop. A photoshop design is made by using different layers and you must have to create these layers quite carefully as the whole webpage is dependent on them.

There is a need of a web designer and web developer for the PSD to HTML conversion. If you have both skills then you would be the right choice for your client. Now, you have to create an HTML file on the software you use for the creation of the web pages like Bootstrap, Dreamweaver, etc. You are advised to create a separate folder for the images, Text, and logo you are going to use on your website. Now, you have to code the images and texts in PSD file format in order to get the HTML version of the template or design by using Bootstrap or Dreamweaver.

Benefits of PSD to HTML Conversion

PSD to HTML conversion is a highly demanding option for the people who want to start their web business. There are several advantages of PSD to HTML conversion which will be shared with you here. Here are some of the key benefits: –

  • Best Content Management System Integration: PSD to HTML conversion takes the benefit from the integration of the CMS (Content Management System) in order to manage the content of the website in a proper way.
  • Static Layout with Dynamic Functionalities: The best thing about the PSD to HTML conversion is that it allows the users to get a static layout with dynamic functionalities. HTML is a bringer of life to the static layout and it helps it to perform different actions.
  • Responsive Design of the Website: Making a website via PSD to HTML conversion allows the users to get the most responsive design of the website. A responsive site makes your business strong by bringing more customers to your site. So, you get more traffic, and web appearance if your website is designed on the base of PSD to HTML conversion.
  • Online Reputation of the Site: PSD to HTML conversion allows the sites to get their own identity and make a reputation of the website on the search engine. Goof reputation means good traffic!