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3 Best Fonts for Web Designing

Web typography is an important aspect and component of web designing.

The design of your website is the strength of your business as people love to see amazing and creative things. Your website must be a reflection of creativity and attractiveness. There are hundreds of fonts which you can use for your website. This blog, will talk about the 3 best fonts for web designing on the base of their features. Google Font is a great source which is quite open in nature for custom usage. You can get these fonts from there quite easily. Google Font is a valuable resource for getting the font for any website as it is the most legitimate, and accessible font provider. Let us move our discussion forward towards the best fonts for web designing.

Karla-The Popular and Quirky Font

Jonny Pinhorn, Master in Type Design, designed this font after completing his degree from the University of Reading. This font is specially designed by him to support the Latin and Tamil subscript. Karla has been used in more than 770000 websites which shows how popular it is. If you are looking for a combination of Karla with another font then Montserrat Font is the best option for you. You can easily get this font from Google Fonts.

Lora-A contemporary Serif

Lora is the second-best font for web designing. Lora is a popular font all across the world but it has more usage in the United States. It is a highly recommend font for the body of your text on your website. It has the driving serif and brushed curves which make your writing more attractive and memorable. The overall look of the font reflects an art essay or a story of the modern age. It has been used in the designing of more than 1700000 websites. It is also available on the Google Fonts. Lora also works well in prints.

Frank Ruhl Libre-An Outstanding Font

Frank Ruhl Libre is one of the best fonts for web designing. The font is designed by a designer named Yanek Iontef, who is an award-winning designer of USSR. Frank Ruhl Libre is a new and open source version of the Frank Ruhl. The original Frank Ruhl has only one weight while the Frank Ruhl Libre has a family of 5 weights. The font has been used in more than 45000 websites and it is popular among the news sites. The combination of Frank Ruhl Libre with Roboto makes your site more attractive and your texts more memorable. The font is available on Google Fonts which you can access quite easily. 

Font of the website plays a key role in the success of your website business. The website is dependent on the content on it and the content must be presented in an attractive manner for seeking the attention of more and more readers. I hope this article will help you to make a better choice for using an eye-catching font for the design of your website. 

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