Wordpress Development

Looking for a new theme to update the look of your company?

Contact us about our WordPress Development package.


Wanting to increase the amount of users that visit your website? With our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) we can help by increasing traffic through not only quality but also quantity.

Digital Marketing

Through online marketing tactics that are sure to provide top results, our digital marketing package works to promote your company & brand in a way that brings not only more users but also traffic.

Web Development

Do you need a new website? Or are you looking to start your company/brand and wish to put it on an online platform? Along with every other package we also build from the ground up.


Unsure of where to host your website? We at Avaize can take care of that for you through our hosting package, making it easier for you to site back and have your website available online, without the added stress.

Web / Mobile App Development

In need of a web/mobile app? Through a development process communicating with the client we can turn your vision into a tangible reality that exists either online or across mobile platforms.


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Hours Spent Coding


We are a Top Web Design Company in Florida and a professional team that loves to bring amazing ideas and projects to life;


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shaping the way you see the internet, our designers are always ready to create.


digital marketing

enthusiasm and extension knowledge makes our marketing team top notch.


web development florida

our developers work to create your ideas through their hard work, and passion for technology.



Designer & coder who loves all things creative. Loves building projects.



Talented full stack developer highly versed in various coding languages & marketing.

Client Interaction

Let us know your ideas, visions and wants. This is where we get all the information we need.

Building the Project

After we learn a little about you, it's time to dive into development.

Delivering the Final Project

After a lot of hard work, the final stage to this process is you receiving the finished product.


Just let us know if you have any questions regarding our services

Dare to Dream

What is your idea? Contact us and let us know, because that’s where

this journey begins.

Media & Marketing

Need a website or product boost? We’re the ones to ask!